Going Around Japan

Going to Japan on a holiday is a very exciting adventure; there are plenty of food options, tourist attractions, and the people are very polite and friendly. This is a very interesting place to stay, and I have seen the castles, and it’s a wonder what they can do with plaster! The castle designs are intricate, and it’s very grandeur, and it just commands a lot of respect.


They say that going to Japan can be very expensive, but if you research beforehand about where to go, what to do, and what to eat, then the experience need not be expensive, but rather an affordable and enjoyable one. The parks are vast, and the greenery very lush. The food is known to be delicious and is very accessible, and if you know where to go to eat, then you can save a lot of money as there are specials, especially during lunch and just before closing time where they bring down the prices by a lot! The castles are a breathtaking work of art, and it must have taken an expert plastering co. to do this type of work. If you can make the trip, Japan is a nice place to visit!


Chilling at the Hotel

Once in a while a go out and check in a hotel for a night and just chill and relax. In times like this, I feel like a king. And all the worries, the hustle-bustle of life and the work-stuff slip out of my mind. It’s a luxury I must afford. It’s what keeps me sane in this busy, dog-eat-dog world. Yes, staying in luxurious hotels comes with a price. But it’s worth it; especially when you have a great majestic view from your window.


As I write this, I marvel at the afternoon sun gleaming over the glassy buildings, disappearing and reappearing, creating a play of lights and shadows in my room. What a lovely sight! Takes all the stress away.  There’s a great roller blinds, which are now half-unrolled, in my room’s huge glass window. Now I’m thinking of purchasing a new roller for my window back home. That way, I’ll feel like I’m in a hotel room even when I’m at home.

I will definitely check out some Auckland window blinds right after writing this down. Meanwhile, I’ll just continue chilling and enjoy this small luxury that I have.


A Lazy Day at Home

Everything I do today makes me bored. I already did the usual things that I do, and I still feel kind of short-changed or something like it. I tried picking some books from the shelf. But I couldn’t get myself to really read and immerse myself in the story. So I turned on the television and switched channels. And an hour or so had passed and I was still switching channels. I turned it off and decided to just lie on the sofa and do nothing. And I dozed off.


Cockroach Control

After what seemed like forever, I woke up to the sight of two cockroaches running around the floor. At first, I thought I was dreaming. But they were real. Two alien-looking creatures invading my property. I didn’t know how to deal with them because cockroaches are new to me. Plus, there’s just two of them. So I decided to just surf some information about cockroaches on the web. While surfing, I bumped into this cockroach control service site that taught me a lot about cockroaches; why they are a danger, how to deal with them and so on.

The presence of the cockroaches somehow made my day interesting in a weird sort of way. Maybe because it wasn’t part of a routine, something new, something that doesn’t come often. I promise to myself that I would not let myself get bored again and deviate from living my life based in routines.




My Sri Lankan Adventure

On my recent trip to Sri Lanka I had a rather novel experience – the opportunity to try out living in a foreign country with no money. While that may sound like a wonderful experiment, unfortunately this was not something I did on purpose!


The situation arose as the result of two rather unfortunate coincidences. First, the airline managed to lose my bags on a short haul domestic flight across the country. To add insult to injury, my wallet and passport were stolen from my room at my hostel on the first day.

Anyway, luckily I came across a service called OrbitRemit which makes it easy to send  money to Sri Lanka from New Zealand, which saved the day. I had already paid for my room in full, so at least I wasn’t living on the street. But I did spend a day relying on the kindness of strangers – as chance would have it, someone in my hostel was more than willing to shout my food for the day, having been through a similar experience himself in Barcelona.

I’ve chalked this up as one of those experiences which is pretty stressful and horrible at the time, but in retrospect turns out to be one of the great adventures of travel. It’s exactly these kind of unexpected situations that force you into new adventures, meeting new people, crossing new horizons.

As for my belongings – well, they never turned up, but I took a moment of Zen and acknowledge there was nothing in that bag I can’t replace, and I take it as a lesson in non-attachment. I chose to take the time to observe my own feelings around the situation, in particular with regards to my own attachment to material possessions and money, to give myself a better understanding of my natural reactions and how I can better react in future to these situations.

All in all it was a bit of an ordeal, but certainly not the end of the world – I found the silver lining and pulled the lessons out of it.